Alhussein Taha Mohamed

Alhussein Taha Mohamed

Giza Food (shaheen coffee)

ِAlhussein Taha profile General Accountant
- Thebes Academy of Management Sciences and Computer Science | Sept 2013 To May 2017

BACHELOR / Department of Accounting.


§ General Accountant

Giza Food – Bon Shaheen Co. |  Feb 2020 To  Now.

-A general accountant in the General Accounts Department is responsible for financial accounts.

§ Chief Accountant

 Multi Vocab For Supplies And E-Marketing| Feb 2020 To Now

    - Direct supervision of a group of workers in the accounts department. Assignment of tasks to the accounts departments. Reviewing and approving the accounting entries. Supervising the implementation of the monthly accounting reports in a correct and regular manner. Supervising the follow-up of the movement of cash and cash flows of the organization. Development of work methods and procedures and supervision, with regard to information systems projects, assistance in preparing the annual balance sheet. part time

§ Auditor

 English SS Co. | Feb 2020 To Now

    - Financial and Administrative auditor  - part time

§General Accountant and Assistant Chief Accountant

Orchida Software Co. |  Jun 2018 To Feb 2020.

-- Register the financial operations and make the necessary restrictions - Pay the salaries and wages - Follow all the financial accounts of the company - Prepare the financial statements - Prepare the commissions and financial and administrative systems of the company.

§General Accountant

Leaders For Contracting & General Supplies| Oct  2017 To  Jun 2018

-Responsible for the company's financial accounts, accounts for websites and banks, reviewing abstracts and covenant, preparing reports and financial statements

§Financial Accountant

Arab Co. for socks and clothes- Dima | Sept 2017 To Oct 2017

- Record financial transactions. Control stores and periodic and continuous inventory. Preparing the monthly audit balance of the company.

§Accountant and auditor under exercise

the Legal Accountant Adel Isaac Hanin | Aug 2014 To Aug 2015

Training on accounting, auditing and legal procedures for establishing companies and dealing with taxes and insurance

  • Training Courses
•Accounting and finance course for individuals and companies •Financial analysis (in Arabic)

•Preparing financial statements (in Arabic)

•Preparing budgets (In Arabic)

•Professional Financial Accountant Course- PFA.

•Financial statements workshop.

•Accounting (income statement)

•Accounting (balance sheet list)

•Introduction to Microsoft Office Excel course

•Programming with Excel VBA

•Excel spreadsheets

•Accounting and Financial Management

•Data analysis using excel

•Introduction to financial performance management

•Advanced Excel skills

•Advanced Excel Skills (2)

•Accounting for non-accountants

•Problem solving and decision making course

•Principles of HR Management

•Human Development Course - Communication Skills

•EFQM Institutional Excellence Model according to the European Foundation for Quality

•Project Management Fundamentals Course (PMP Fundamentals)

•A simplified economic feasibility study course

•Business model innovation course

•Change management course

•Professional project management course

•behavioral economics course

•strategic planning cycle

•Leadership course, problem analysis and decision-making

•Leadership and strategic planning skills

•Building administrative and organizational structures and regulations

•TOT (Training Of Trainers)

•Business Intelligence BI . Course

•Entrepreneurship course with a practical methodology

•Marketing concepts and market analysis course

•An introduction to communication and public relations

•Entrepreneurship Skills

•A workshop to give a human dimension to brands

•Course I.C.D.L.

•English Language Course.